There are many ways to photobomb someone else's picture, in this post we look at some of the different types of photo-bombers you're likely to meet.

From professional photo shoots to selfies, there's no escaping the professional photo bomber lurking nearby just waiting for the perfect moment to leap in and take over your photo.  Over the past few years, we've noticed an increase in this type of guest so we thought we'd take time out to introduce you to them...


This one's act like a normal person as you enter the booth, posing for a normal photo with your friends.  As the countdown begins...get ready, bend your knees and BOOM, it's all about you baby!


This is the type of person who is waiting next in line to use the photo booth.  They let the unsuspecting guests in front of them go in and wait...all sweet and patient.  They watch the countdown, time it right and then BOOM!  Sweep in like a bull in a china shop!

And finally...


This type of person thinks outside the box.  They use what's around them, seize the opportunity, create the magic and most importantly, attempt to out-do their friends.  KA-BOOM!

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